Xabi Alonso recruited in a position on the PSC stage

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Xabi Alonso, coach of Bayer Leverkusen Being recruited in a position on the PSC stage when losing to FC Porto Cabai Arena 0-3, it is considered an important homework to bring back to improve.

Alonso made his big debut with a 4-0 win over Schalke in the German Bundesliga game at the weekend. But when elevated to the European stage, the boss was weak, experienced, completely failed the exam, especially when he was decisive in front of the door when he created 17 times, but failed.  

Unlike the Portuguese fangs, they can finish 5 goals up to three goals. 

“ We have to go back and analyze the ufabet game. Taken from Thursday in order to get over it. ” Opening the mouth through the UEFA website  

“ Last night’s game was painful. But football is like this. It’s a lesson for us. ” 

“ As you can see, a small mistake It had a huge impact on the Champions League game. It’s hard for me to talk about results. Because we don’t deserve to lose like that. ” 

If measuring statistics , Leverkusen Better than everything at 64%:36% possession chance , or passing the ball 624 ( successful 555 times ) , while Porto only 352 ( successful 281 times ) , but the veteran Sergio Konsaisau , the visiting trainer, is more sophisticated. a lot