Ferdinand and Owen single out Liverpool star

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BT Sport analysts Rio Ferdinand and Michael Owen think Liverpool deserves the time to transfer their youngsters into their 30s to replace Manchester United. City or other long-term camps

Ferdinand ‘ Reds ‘ just beat Rangers FC 7-1 in the Champions League yesterday, the score seems overwhelming. But the first 45 minutes is still tied at 1-1 with less chances to shoot. Indicates the diesel engine overheating slowly.  

The issue of the average age of players in the squad has been brought up again. After it was dug out that Jürgen Klopp ‘s team , 18th -ranked Premier League senior at 28.1 years old. He has as many as eight main players. Mature age 30+ carats  

At this point, the two guru are worried that the top ufabet team of Merseyside is about to become a down camp against City that still balances young people – veterans well, or Arsenal, the young power. waiting to bloom  

” They didn’t go on the pitch and challenge anyone in the buy – sell market, and I personally think that strategy should be followed,” he said after the game at the Ibrox Stadium.  

“ But they need to add new faces, losing Sadio Mane is important. ” 

“ At this hour, it might not even be a blood transfusion. But that moment would be imminent. ” 

Owen, meanwhile , appears more concerned about the aging players at Anfield. Because each position’s first choice is all senior.  

” The concern for Liverpool is that their best players are all older than their peers, ” the ‘ Baby Goal ‘ added.  

” Van Dijk , Salah , Henderson , Fabinho , if it’s not close to 30+ , it ‘s a concern. ” 

The ‘ Reds ‘ active players yesterday included players aged 30 years at least, including Alisson Becker , Virgil van Dijk , Jordan Henderson , Thiago Alcanta. Raa , James Milner , Mo Salah and Roberto Firmino.