Owen is looking for the missing Bully Son, the striker is out of shape

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Michael Owen, BT Sport analyst Michael Owen, as a former striker, understands the nature of the stiff form that is the case with Spurs’ top scorer Son Heung-min. Who once started fumbling around. Instead, they didn’t see that they use to say. That the South Korean captain had run out of potions and came out to show himself.

Son , an English Premier League Golden Boot, joins from last season’s rust in the early 2022-23 season. Until he can unlock it is a hat-trick in the 6-2 thrashing of Leicester before the break nation.

Or like yesterday, it start to score 2 goals on the CHPL stage, giving the team defeating Frankfurt 3-2 to lead the crowd after 4 matches on the day of the group stage.  

That makes ‘ Baby Goal ‘ want to open a training course for critics. Who don’t understand the nature of strikers. should adjust attitude Keep it dark for the whole season ufabet

“ A few weeks ago, people in the industry still said that he shouldn’t have put him in the line-up. ” Owen rode a goat.  

“ That doctor is one of the best goalscorers – we had one chance to debate if you were at another big club. If you had to bring a Spurs player to the event, who would you choose ? – Personally, I took Son before anyone else. ” 

“ The basis is based on maturity , quality , holistic – Chim Son ”

On the side of Allie McMoist, the show’s co-host was impressed with the performance of the ‘ Whites ‘ striker , especially the beautiful left-footed volley, his second goal in the game.  

” I agree 100% about Son , ” added the former Scottish player.  

“ The number of goals he has returned , the way he runs behind the scenes and the hard press. The quality of the final score last night jumped. That volley is the perfect goal. ”

“ It’s very technical. Talking to him for help but it reminds him of Glenn Hoddle – he doesn’t try to hit hard , doesn’t follow true, just uses trigger -shifting techniques. crossed over the  head and hit it

The statistics after the game is the first goal that Son scored in the game yesterday from Harry Kane ‘s assist, causing this pair to take turns shooting – opening 50 goals , which is a good spear to feed the captain ‘ White Som ‘ 24 times. And Opa has made England captain 26 times.