Van Bronhorst, Rangers lose

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Giovanni van Bronhorst, Rangers manager Showing a lot of disappointment and regret after being demolished in the latest game.

Rangers defeated Liverpool 1-7 in the Champions League Group A on Wednesday. Now the representatives from Scotland do not have a single point and must be eliminate for sure.

“It was a very disappointing performance. We play well in the first half and were in the ufabet game,” the Dutchman told BT Sport.

“Second goal, we know their strength. When you lose the ball in the middle of the field, they change the game quickly. We were attack twice.

Van Bronhorst “We conceded a lot of simple goals, then it happened quickly. We try to push But after the 3-1 score, you can see we had a problem. They raised the speed and we didn’t pass the ball accurately.

“I don’t miss anything. (When asked about the situation in Group A) I was just processing the defeat of this match.

“In the second half, after the 2-1 you could see that instead of playing the ball [long] and going for the second ball, we played too many short. I think there was four transition moments where we lost the ball and they punished us really quickly with the attack they have.

“For the last 25 minutes we weren’t in the game. Not with our heads, not with the decisions we made.

“Against a team like Liverpool, who put three players up in those moments with Thiago. Jota and Salah, if you’re not in the game you get punish.”